Nicki Minaj – Anaconda – Choreography by Tricia Miranda ft @kaelynnharris | @nickiminaj @timmilgram


  1. Anna Marie says

    Love the choreography, first group were amazing, the 2nd group was just
    wrong morally and the last girl was just fabulous!

  2. Dennis Vivanco says

    Holy shit. . Those kids need to go back to the playground instead of
    dancing provocatively.

    On a side note.. Damnnn that asian chick with the yellow windbreaker is

  3. kylehanagami says

    Tricia… you are phenomenal. I light weight wanna see you dancing it. I’ll
    need a private show though. 😉 Love you.

  4. Mikey Bustos says

    I believe I watch this video at least 3 times a day. Lady in Yellow, you
    are a goddess! Love you. Awesome work, guys!

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