1. Marc-André Demers-Tremblay says

    A song about a girl with a big ass who likes to get fucked by huge dicks
    can just be a disgusting song.

  2. Beautiffy Tiff says

    Waah-cacccccccck! That’s the sound of the whip cracking, not the quality of
    the song. Love Nicki tho.

  3. Jordan Brown says

    Lily Allen’s song Hard Out Here pretty much sums this comment section up.
    “If I told you bout my sex life, you’d call me a slut. Boys be braggin’
    bout their bitches no ones making a fuss.”

  4. Angela Cheng says

    Iggy Azalea is better than this bitch!
    stupid fucking song
    Nicki Minaj is over… fake ass! <3
    Barbz suck dick <3

  5. Carlos Crespo Mederos says

    Why if Nicki talks about how many niggas she has and about her fat ass
    she’s called a slut but Macklemore, Robin Thicke and any famous male rapper
    are talking about their dicks and their bitches and anybody says nothing?

  6. OTM Channel - Peter H. says

    Anyway the lyrics are terrible i luv this lyric video! It’s soo amazing,
    cool and creative! And exited for the vid too, coming out 8/20

  7. Yvonne pronounced E von Dumbass says

    Why can’t she bring out hard songs like did it on em…her songs now are
    just meh 

  8. Diego P r s says

    Hahah, I’m just laughing because I remembered about the Pills and Potions
    music video comments, they used to say: “Nicki is not weird in this video.
    She was exotic looking because she has no fame. She did it to go to the
    top, now she can relax and stop dressing funny or doing weird faces.”
    Yes, that’s so true *lol*

  9. Phillip Scarbrough says

    I wonder what the hell people’s “definition” of rap is.. Iggy can’t rap?
    Bottom line is if you making money, you doing SOMETHING right.

  10. Rafael Orona says

    All the songs have to be meaningfull? I mean this song is amazing! I can
    dance to this and be careless… not all songs are meant to be deep,
    sometimes you just want to be happy, dacing, listening to the track. What
    I’m trying to make people understand is that by hating music just because
    is not singing about a serious matter is just stupid because this still
    good music with fun lyrics and you can all enjoy Nicki Minaj and Iggy.
    Anyway Nicki is way better with her lyrics, Nicki is more of a fun rapper,
    her range of voices is very tastefull and I love her personality, she is
    very cocky with a great down to earth touch… Iggy as much as I enjoy her
    music, she is more like a team girl, she doesn’t have personality. 

  11. Kiarra James says

    Worst song ever heard nicki minaj madeee. Yu people who liked it r funny.
    Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, and black veil brides r better than

  12. Aura Brown says

    To all you bitches saying nicki is better stfu…. you all know you can
    like more than one artist right. god dammn im so sick of seeing stupid dumb
    ass fans fighting over who is better and is not. There both good at makin
    music and thats all that fucking matters, now calm your tits and dicks
    little bitches.

  13. Brandon Reynolds says

    Iggy is Queen of Pop Rap
    Nicki is Queen of Urban Rap
    Missy Elliott is Queen of R&B Rap
    Lil’ Kim Queen of Hip Hop Rap
    Lauryn Hill Queen of Soul Rap
    Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Queen of Rap.

    they are all queens.

  14. AmaniArk says

    Umm how is she saying eff skinny bitches when she paid for that extra
    weight on her behind. Please Remy Ma #FixIt

  15. Peter Coimbra says

    This lyrics are completely “out of art”!!!!
    Song with no quality, no meaning, but promoting sex, which it’s not
    necessary, once you are born with it a Dick and a Pussy! You carrying sex
    all the time… I don’t know what people see on SEX Music… they’re must
    be very unpleasant with themselves

  16. blackdiamond says

    This ain’t music no more she was way better back now it seems like she
    running out of ideas hahahaha 

  17. Chris Chris says

    What the hell are y’all talking about? This isn’t the actual video, it’s a
    lyric video. The official video is dropping on Wednesday…shutup. 

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