1. Rosa Martines says

    The people that are saying Niki minaj sucks shut the Fuck up and keep your
    opinions to yourself .everybody has their own opinions! 

  2. Uncontrollablemidnightbeast says

    I thought it was anaconda dope and not anaconda don’t welp this song sucks
    anyway so its not worth it to memorize

  3. Camelia K says

    Skinny girls are better.And that is why there’s that problematic line.This
    is known in all over the just let’s let those fat ass have 4
    minutes of glory.but I don’t know why in some comments girls get offended
    by this .Like seriously,, you know skinny girls you are loved where ever
    you go.

  4. Cammie Star Is Awesome says

    My anaconda don’t. My anaconda don’t. My anaconda don’t want none unless
    you got buns hon!!!

  5. OrangeyJuice says

    I love this song, it’s not bad at all.. but I think i like it more in a
    humorous way so…. 😀 go NEKCI MENJI 

  6. zuzu pearl says

    Really I sing better and I’m 10. Is’s probably because I have this thing
    called talent and taste in music . and I’m not a slut like some fake bitch
    (Nikki minaj)

  7. Cheyenne Boveington says

    I literally do not understand why people who don’t like this song or Nicki
    Minaj bother to comment. No one cares that you like to shit on the opinions
    of people who disagree & can’t handle women who know they’re hot. Just
    because Nicki is open with herself does not make her any less of a woman,
    it does not make her a “slut” or anything else except proud and confident.
    And just because women are now as open about sex as men and y’all are
    hating on her for it just goes to show why you people aren’t worth her
    time. Keep on hatin’, she’s making millions.

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