1. Thuto Moloi says

    Things black women need to do, just to make people think they have talent..
    This is truly sad, but then again, there’s a long line of perverts waiting
    for the vid to drop, welcome to Gomorra!!

  2. LighteningXT9 says

    Ugh! Nicki your anaconda photo makes even more sense now! The whole Baby
    Got Back is about Black women’s sexuality not being praised as White
    women’s and Black woman’s curves are criticized and labeled as dirty just
    because they are even curvier. Can’t wait for this video.

  3. Lov3sponge says

    People really fiend to paint Nicki in a negative light. She is an
    entertainer, she is gonna sell regardless. What is your criticism paying
    her right now? When male rappers have women’s asses all over their videos
    people praise them like gods but, soon as a female rapper tries to push
    that material everybody mad.

    What do ya really want?

  4. allen13e says

    But lets be real yall, I heard it this morning and the song sucks, this is
    not Nicki’s year, now I can see me running to this on the treadmill or in a
    Miami nightclub but thats it. She needs to get it together FAST

  5. ayee says

    Here’s gonna be another crapy song that’s overly played on the radio..
    nicki minaj is giving this generation of music a bad name.. nicki is
    talented.. but I like her when she raps about real shit like In her song
    “moment for life” or “pills and potions” … this crap is stupid af.. she’s
    failed to realize that she’s gorgeous. She don’t need to show off her butt
    for attention.. like I seen a picture of her on instagram looking soooo
    classy and covered up. I LOVED IT!

  6. Joanna Babson says

    Sorry to say but y r all the white/ latina/indian/non black pple making
    trashy n racist comments on her ass n music…Jealousy is sickness.
    ..jealous she is black n your race can’t shake their flat butts lmao…if
    she was white, checkout how many pple will praise her talent…y watch n
    make racist comments on her video when u knw she is black…

  7. Adrianna Minaj says

    lol . why is everyone mad ? she doesn’t care if you like it or don’t cause
    at the end of the day she still getting paid , are you ? …. I’ll wait . 

  8. LuckyMusiqLive says

    nicki is a beast. i know this videos gunna be amazing. shes got the
    delivery, persona, and look. im getting popular fast because i rap real..
    thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet….

  9. Flower_Gemini says

    Nicki minaj , iggy azalea, ..this is a bad time to listen to mainstream
    music period..

    You already have 9 yr old girls who look like their 15 already. ..and we
    already have little girls who are using playground poles as stripper poles
    …look up the YouTube videos..

    Nicki minaj is a piece of shit and so is iggy azalea ..this how they
    brainwash kids and influence people into a shitty society … nothing is
    about love no more , its about ass , money, ass implants, fakery and

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