1. lavere says

    I make an effort to avoid speaking Negatively on others craft, but this
    song is plain awful! This is what passes as music these days?!

  2. MRC says

    we don’t want to see ass all the damn time I remember in the 90s girls wore
    baggy clothes and we still thought they were sexy like TLC this generation
    is fucked up and I am a 80s baby

  3. iconforu2c says

    Meth is a hell of a drug kids…stay away….with that warning being
    said…could we see Mr. Sir Mix A Lot come out of the woods to shake things
    up? I mean he did predict but butts were the future thang…his predictions
    were spot on…Big shout out to Mix A Lot…thanks bro 

  4. pheletso letuka says

    i think i like the old type of music better. Back then,music made sense,and
    the lyrics were more than just fat asses,bitches,money,pussy amd big dicks.
    Sadly,this is not music,this is porn disguised as music. Im not hating on
    nicki minaj, i mean id rather be doing my sports medicine degree than
    shaking my ass to sell music,but she can do better without having to act
    like a harlot. The entire 04:01 minutes,all i heard was “big butt” and the
    rest was bull shit. Kids are watching this…

  5. videos says

    She should just do porn already. This generations music sucks. I miss the
    good music. Not like todays were all they talk about is pussy, dicks,
    strippers, drugs. Its so disgusting

  6. Robert Dudley says

    Ugly woman, shitty song, fake ass, boobs, and lips. How do people with no
    talent keep getting record deals??

  7. thethedd1234567891 says

    Fantastic job nik…. Keep keep up the good work.. All ready no u finna get
    paid off this video…. #keep comming if the top as bestest

  8. Irijiah Smith says

    Nicki minaj did real good she is not a slut a whore or trash she can do
    whatever she wants she don’t have to have people telling her what to do .
    There are people who like her and there are people who don’t, for the
    people who like her, they like her, and for the people who don’t , they
    don’t it’s their own opinion but she is not trash that’s a fact

  9. xDjfizz20x says

    I swear most of the people saying this generation is fucked up are dumb
    because most the people making these song are from “y’all” generation dumb
    asses I swear 

  10. Roachehh says

    Only came here to see how bad the song was and like I’m shocked beyond
    belief. You know it’s the last days when music has become so trashy and
    damn awful.. Yes I dislike this song, no I don’t care what you think, if I
    want to listen to song simply to see how bad it is I will. You can’t even
    fathom how lost this last generation of humans are.. ain’t even joking when
    I say we all need jesus.. badly. 

  11. NoNameGuy says

    What the fuck? It is a sad era of music if trash like this is topping the
    charts and is being considered music 

  12. Bunnii Boo says

    Mane Shut TF Up With All Dat Hating Shit She Dnt Give A Fuck Who dnt Like
    It But She Did Dis I Love It …..

  13. Conor Mcdyer says

    i only heard about this song because of an article in the paper that said
    it was the most controversial music video yet and IMO there have been
    worse; 2pac’s ‘how do you want it’ or N.E.R.D’s ‘lapdance’.
    personally i think the video was made this way because the song itself is
    utter shite and its the only way it will ever get any form of air time!!!

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