1. KartoonManagement says

    Nicki was lit lol. Can’t wait to see it. Heading to buy a new bottle of
    lotion. I’m sure I’m gonna run out.

  2. christian gutierrez says

    omg.. omg.. what if it’s drake.. omg.. like cuz nicki said shes gunna bring
    back the lap dancing nd they asked her who she was gunna lap dance .. nd
    she said thats a secret.. omg. What if she gives drake a lap dance?

  3. 04WELLYDEEP says

    nikki minaj a RANK hoe ! an that voice strait wack, i couldnt stand being
    round her for longer than like a minute…bitch put a dick in yo mouf !

  4. Young Money says

    +Nicki Minaj releases the behind the scenes to her music video for the hit
    song Anaconda Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video: Behind The Scenes Vlog

  5. shadz876 says

    1. she should rep her own nation, of Trinidad (appreciate the Jamaican
    love) learn some Trini slangs, and introduce something other than carnival
    2. People need to stop saying “oh xyz is Caribbean” there are individual
    nations, with their own flags and anthems, economies, government, society
    and cultural customs. Even though we share the same region and similar
    ancestry, each island is different and deserves it’s own respect, stop
    grouping us together.

  6. wilfred acosta says

    As much as you love Nicki, you cannot disagree that these lyrics are
    fucking horrible. Lol she should remember that like half of her fans are
    little kids… I still luh dat ayuss doe

  7. Soluchi [Short Films, Dance Videos, Vines, Reaction & Advice Videos] says

    This is going to be some good FAP material. I’m ready Nicki. I’m ready.

  8. Monroe Rainbew says

    I’m not sure if y’all are slow or whatever but Nicki is having fun with her
    music unlike some of you she’s a grown ass women if she want to put her ass
    up let that be if she wants to rap about her private parts let that be
    don’t call her out her name cause you wouldn’t like it if I called you out
    your name or called your sister a hoe or your brother a fag, all you Iggy
    fans need to like exit with that lame hating shit pettiness is way 1950 but
    I can see you struggling bitches want to talk down on someone when
    you aren’t shit , worry bout how you going to make it up to the top and
    you being successful. #teambarbs 

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