1. Keyko Korsin says

    Ok definitely Nicki Minaj!! Iggy is annoying as fuck and shouldn’t even be
    famous. She looks like a transvestite stripper that has daddy issues. Like
    this girl needs to pack her bags already. I have tried to like her but damn
    it is so hard to like someone who raps so fucking annoying.

  2. Anna Marie says

    It was hands down Nicki. There’s no competition at all. I mean just look at
    iggy’s face …like no. When it comes down to it , her raps don’t even
    compare to Nicki

  3. Opticillusion160 says

    So here are the representatives for today’s youth for beauty. You have the
    hypocrite saying “Fuck skinny bitches”, as if it’s a bad thing to be lean
    and fit and not fill yourself with more silicon than humanely possible.
    Then, you have the other with a pretty Aussie accent turning it into street
    rif-raf language with a speech impediment with again an unrealistic body
    shape… yup.

  4. Cortez Mosley says

    Based on the lap dance video, who gives the most tempting and delicious lap
    dance imaginable ? Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea ?
    +1’d and comment your choice. ;-)

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