1. PRINCESSK16 says

    this video isnt real.. it doesnt prove that they are high.. its just a
    prank that was clearly made so that people could make a reaction.. the more
    people react the more publicity it will get. be smart and just ignore it,
    im a big nicki fan and i didnt take this seriously at all. its clearly been
    made by someone amongst the #teamminaj crew otherwise they wudnt be calling
    S.B. by anyother name.. no big deal peeps.

  2. xYounqqMoneyBarbi3x says

    This is dumbbb, like wtf? He only peforms wit her onstage,fuck is wrong wit
    you? My Gosh ! Follow me @MinajArmy_CA ,I keep you updated whats real or
    not bout my Barbie. TeaMinaj Hoee!

  3. KelsieTruthTV says

    @RoniiDoitchTeamMinaj naw cuz i seen her performing dis concert & alot of
    ppl around her were wearin them

  4. MangoIceeT says

    @FUNNIESTBOY1 THEY ARE NOT DATING. stop with the bullshit. until you
    actually have PROOF that they are dating shut that shit down. Nicki and SB
    know each other from high school and they have been best friends. They are
    not boyfriend and girlfriend and they have even SAID it on their twitters.

  5. MangoIceeT says

    @FUNNIESTBOY1 she holds hands with drake. she kisses lil wayne on the
    mouth. that doesn’t mean she goes out with them. drake has a girlfriend.
    and Nicki said she see’s drake like a brother and not in a romantic way.
    come with more evidence of her and SB dating or stfu with this nonsense.
    they have said multiple times that they aren’t dating so sit the fuck down.

  6. MangoIceeT says

    @FUNNIESTBOY1 um no im not lying because i saw them at the allstar game she
    kissed wayne on the mouth. she also kissed him on the mouth at the MTV
    awards when she won her award. She held hands with drake and wayne walking
    up to the stage. she’s held SB’s not just casually walking but as they were
    rushing through a crowd or through an airport. if you do not believe me
    look up the allstar weekend photos of Nicki and wayne when they kiss. look
    up photos of Nicki kissing drake. Nicki and SB have

  7. MangoIceeT says

    @FUNNIESTBOY1 sit cho ass way the fuck DOWN. i would love for Nicki to have
    a boyfriend. hell i wish her and drake would stop fronting and get the fuck
    together already. there is nothing gay about me either sweetheart. i enjoy
    dick very much k? so try again. Nicki and Sb are not together THEY HAVE
    EVEN SAID THIS MULTIPLE TIMES like seriously you believe everything you see
    on the internet? you have a very sad life. show me proof that Nicki and SB
    are together or stfu.

  8. MangoIceeT says

    @FUNNIESTBOY1 im positive sweetheart. get the facts about something and
    stop adding to the rumors. they are not together. get over it.

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