1. Viet Lee says

    Guys don’t fall for this bullshit of a publicity stunt to stay relevant and
    trending. This entire “feud” is just to get you to talk about them on
    Twitter, Instagram, etc, by the end of the month they both will get
    100,000s more followers on social media. Which indirectly means more money
    in the long run in sales. In the eyes of Hollywood, you are not people, you
    are just potatoes with money, they do premeditated things to get a better
    yield of consumers every year.

    In fact, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that this was their producers
    or agent’s idea from the start. The music industries does everything and
    anything for their cash cows including race hustling.


  2. EckoEcho says

    In my High school, all the Asian got cut off from the basketball team. 3
    months later the High school Basketball team got destroyed by the Asian
    people who got cut from the team.

  3. Alex Scary says

    Nikki’s video is trash, it’s just her shaking her ass. Shit was so HD you
    can see shit particles flying everywhere.

  4. Erica Cruz says

    It’s 1:15 am here and I couldn’t sleep and then I got a notification that
    jknews uploaded a video YAS!!!!!

  5. flora bowers says

    All in all Anaconda was not a great song. I got her message even tho she
    didn’t change the chorus so actually the message hadn’t really changed from
    the original. Before Nicki came out with her video curves were already
    celebrated in alot of videos. Her verses in the song were talking about her
    and didn’t men anyway. When I saw this on ADD all it did was seem like
    someone was in their feelings. When your worth as much money as you are
    Nicki and Taylor y’all should be fighting about better issues.

  6. malen.a shinozaki says

    Jesus. They already started with ”pissed Nicki Minaj”, like we didn’t
    even need to hear the story before deciding which side we should be on.
    Taylor SHOULD speak on this. She is all about feminism, right? I mean,
    ”white feminism”.

  7. MsAsh3070 says

    Nicki was obviously calling out Taylor. There were only 2 female artists
    nominated for that award and Beyonce sure isn’t a skinny white girl.
    HOWEVER, what no one seems to be reporting is that Nicki and Taylor
    exchanged a few more tweets and talked over the phone and the
    misunderstanding was all cleared up.

  8. Sofia DiCarlo says

    Anaconda broke a ton of records and didn’t get nominated and I’m 100% Team
    Nicki for this one. 

  9. Snow Anaya says

    People on Tumblr taking Nicki’s side and burning Taylor swift CD’s. Did any
    of these dumb fucking kids realize they just got an album just to burn it.

    I think both chicks were dumb. Nicki don’t make the shade so noticeable
    and Taylor for commenting on it. Cause Taylor she would break you … let
    it go.

    channel is nothing , but Teen Mom and Ridiculous reruns.

  10. Big Bay says

    Really? Her video was garbage, Let alone Anaconda being a horrible song. A
    song like moment for life where she actually put effort into it I might
    agree, anaconda though is stupid and has no worth while lyrics. All Niki
    did was sell her body and talk about how she gives it up to drug dealers.
    Yeah a real contender for video of the year. (sarcasm)

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