1. Paradise8686 says

    Funny how quickly Nicki walked off after that last question…We will love
    you still Nicki

  2. mrprvv says

    hahaha i was laughing in that part.. i mean.. I HAVE NO IDEAAAAA. *she
    walks off* then.. and she’s OUT! LOL

  3. Shy Guy says

    Me 2 bcuz I’m selfish and don’t know with my Wed $ Thurs, but at the same
    time, I’m ready for her to retake her place in Hip Hop. + I was only
    watching Idol for her and the Thursday shows were nightmares to sit through

  4. Shy Guy says

    It’s a good thing no one cares about ur hopes then. It’s about time for u
    to get a life dude

  5. Jeremy Jay says

    Not a fan of Nicki, but I thought she did good as a judge this season.
    Won’t miss her though, if she is replaced.

  6. martinav smile says

    how could she say that candice is going to win before the show ! I think
    that that was kinda mean to Kree because oviously Nicky is on Candis’s side

  7. bb12sab says

    She looks wicked pretty here. She should stop wearing those freaky
    wigs/outfits and look like this!!!

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