1. mark poppell says

    this is what happens when you give a hood bitch a professional job. Stay on
    your on space ship dumb hoe!

  2. Nokia Ruth24 says

    Why does she call everyone “superheroes”? They’re only amazing singers
    that’s it. I hates it when she calls them superheroes. They’re great and
    amazing, but please Nicki, if that compliment shows how you see yourself
    even, please humble thyself because there’s no sense in calling them
    superheroes. Not even superheroes are that great.

  3. Nokia Ruth24 says

    Look, I know the crowd likes her ridiculous moments because they’re funny
    and it seems great that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and all. I get
    it. But self-control and not showing off or being a jerk also provides for
    publicity as a better judge. And there has been too many moments where
    Nicki Minaj has nonchalantly caused a ruckus, or embarassed herself on the
    show being being impolite or unnecessarily attacking someone (Mariah Carey)
    verbally. It doesn’t help her much really. Not funny.

  4. 7milegregycgboy says

    This suck this entertainment the only reason they got them 2 on here is to
    get they views up the voice is where its at

  5. Kevin Beswick says

    Jimmy Iovine is honest and smart. The Judges are dumb and liars. So she’s
    in no position to hate on Jimmy or anyone who’s honest. That’s why Jimmy
    left. He can’t stand the Judges anymore.

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