Nicki Minaj Bares Her Cakes for “Anaconda” + T.I. Ghostwrites Iggy Azalea’s Lyrics?


  1. James West says

    That was the impression that I got. I mean when I heard her rap I was like
    yup someone else wrote that shit. Doesnt mean thats the case though.

  2. Overlordziro says

    I personally think andre 3000 has the skills as an actor and music artist
    too play as jimi Hendrix I think he’s going to do an amazing job can’t wait
    till it hits theaters

  3. ThaManiacalOne says

    Ol girl statement at 2:56 is the exact reason why the game is so filled
    with trash ass rappers and is a main factor as to why the culture doesnt
    get the respect and recognition it deserves……

  4. donovan curry says

    #askthedrop Cynthia do u have a phat ass like nicki Minaji & Jsnow what
    rapper do you think needs a comeback in the rap game? 

  5. My Mom Says I'm a Champion says

    Make sure you subscribe to the all-new Mainstream Celebrity Hip-Pop
    Dick-Sucking Channel!!! Oh, did 2 Chainz seriously have a bowl of Lucky
    Charms for breakfast last week?!? Oops, did one of Chris Brown’s shoes
    come untied after the BET Awards?!? Stay tuned to find out more!!!!

  6. teddybruscie says

    It’s not a double standard. Singers are talent is their voice, not their
    lyrics. Rappers talent is their lyrics and how they deliver their lyrics.
    No one cares about a singer’s lyrics. They care about their voice. Nobody
    cares about a rappers voice. There are alot of rappers with great rapping
    voices, but they don’t last long based on that alone. They have to have the
    lyrics to back it up.

    I don’t think Iggy has any ghost writers other than hook writers. But every
    rapper has a hook writer. Lets face it most rappers can rap, but when it
    comes to hooks most of them suck. The better they are, typically the worse
    they are at making hooks. Iggy is a decent rapper at best. The way she raps
    now is no different from how she used to rap before she ever met T.I. The
    most T.I. could do to her lyrics is suggest certain smaller changes, but in
    general she still talks about money, luxury, her pussy and… well her

  7. measchueax says

    Nikki is just tryna take all the attention away from iggy by showing them
    puffed ass checks. Damn bitch do you really have to show your cervix to get

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