1. Chey Wilson says

    Hi people my name is Keisha. i just want to tell you look after your self.
    you maybe ugly on the out side but you have a amazing heart. you maybe mean
    and spike full but your so special to your parents. this is from Keisha lee
    and i’m 8 thank you for letting me write this thank you so glad that i
    right this.

  2. SweetToothInc says

    Why cant Nicki Make songs like this more often, and by “songs like this” I
    mean the meaningful lyrics that actually make sense

  3. Althea Bourne says

    I hate when people complain about Nicki Minaj making “stupid” or
    “senseless” music. Obviously you don’t understand Nicki as a artist. She
    makes fun, crazy songs because that who she is. she likes fooling around
    and being crazy. but that doesn’t mean she isn’t human who experiences
    heartbreak, hurt and pain. Point is, she can do both and she does them
    well. It reflects her as a person and shes not apologizing- take it or
    leave it.

  4. Jay Myers says

    This song tells the truth and the sad part is that it happened to such a
    phenomenal rapper /artest. Taylor Cohen 

  5. Kenya Carter says

    My only question is why tf do you have a picture of skylar grey when it’s
    nicki’s song like tf like yall might not thinks it’s a big deal but like I
    think she earned her picture being on her song or you could have atleast
    done them both but whatever 

  6. pilar calhoun says

    why when I got Pink Friday I wanted to throw it out the window and run over
    it but when I got the Pink Print I now cry everyday man Nicki got us

  7. Danyiele Scott says

    I’m sure almost every female can relate. It hurts when u give someone your
    all and they treat it like its nothing big. Pushes you away in the end.
    Hope Nicki keeping that head up.

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