1. Michael Burmeister says

    ANY hope that the Pink Print would see Mixtape Nicki’s return is GONE
    now…if only for the cover.

    Bumpin’ that Remy Ma “I’m Around” mixtape…that’s a femcee who STAYS TRUE
    to NY and the streets therein!

  2. Vaugh Monteral says

    This deserves to be no.1 on billboard . ! but like drake said ”real
    music and real lyrics don’t win no.1’s or grammy’s” .

  3. Nguyen Dan says

    it has been a awful day for me, but when I heard the official audio of Bed
    Of Lies is out make my day perfectly BETTER 

  4. Nick Siren says

    Heard this on EMAs and I was instantly obsessed !!!!
    THIS IS PURE PERFECTION !!!! the vocal, the flow,..Everything is on point!
    This song tops “Anaconda” & “Only” !!
    Hope she’s releasing music video for this !!
    15 Decemeber 2014 #ThePinkprint !!
    by the way, I did a cover on this song, feel free to check it out :)

  5. Kai Jennings says

    What people don’t understand is that nicki minaj is multifaceted. People
    will judge her from a song like anaconda . The Pink Print will succeed
    because the recent songs she released all have a different sound and that’s
    what people like. It’s not her fault that songs like anaconda get popular.
    People respond to party songs like that, but when she makes songs like
    pills and potions they get pushed to the side. All her crazy “ignorant
    songs” that everyone seems to hate sells better than her meaningful songs.
    So she’s portraying what people like, CRAZY and ” inappropriate”. Don’t
    blame her. 

  6. Gabriele Moriani says

    One of her best song ever!! The problem ist that, although she worte this
    catchy and meaningful song, the media will still ignore that and
    concentrate on Anaconda, making every time the same critics!

  7. Shaun Mac says

    This song rocks!!!!! Its better than Iggy Azalea Beg For It!!!!! Iggy’s
    Reclassified is going to be an fail!!!!? Nicki’s The Pinkprint will be a
    major success!!!!!

  8. Tae Ragland says

    This song is really good, I hope it slays the charts but people don’t pay
    attention when she actually drops something real, only when she does songs
    like anaconda and then have the nerve to say she doesn’t make anything with
    meaning. Smh. 

  9. MrSportLuva says

    It’s a great song! But I still don’t understand why every single song Nicki
    puts out or every single song Iggy puts out, comments have to be made with
    comparisons against each other.. They both are amazing artist.. Are they
    the best? NO NEVER!! Idc what anyone says, Remy Ma, Kim, Eve, Trina, or
    Foxy would murder them! & if Nicki is seriously feelin threatened by Iggy,
    she’s petty & lame AF! For even feelin that way! She needa feel that way
    when a real RAP BITCH, comes her way! Cuz there are a ton of new female
    emcees on the come up, that slay Nicki & Iggy.. Tiffany Foxx, Angel Haze,
    Snow Tha Product, 3D NaTee, and even Azealia Banks!

  10. RedNoir says

    UGHH! Does she have to talk about “poppin pills’ in every song! ??!?!? I
    am a Nicki Fan but IDK if I’ma get PINK PRINT!? It’s getting annoying!
    Everytime I hear her say something about popping pills it’s just an instant
    X for me…. don’t wanna hear the song anymore. 

  11. Wild_Comment says

    After shaking our big fat buns to anaconda, everyone please take a sit and
    let’s enjoy the moment. Thank you Nicky for my new favorite song. you
    should do this more often 

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