1. ron serzer says

    Peter you should stop writing ”Offical”, you videos are not official by
    nicki, I think thats why they delete it 

  2. Isabella Namoa says

    I watched her on the MTV EMA and once she performed this song, I went
    straight onto youtube. GREAT SONG NICKKKKIIIII <3 <3 🙂 🙂 😀 :D

  3. Tay West says

    I threw my laptop when i saw her face moving lmfao i thought she could see
    me. i was like “blink if its you Nic!?!?!!!!!”

  4. Peter H. says

    OMGG. 🙁 Why she had to do Anaconda single and this not?! I think this is
    100 times better then Anaconda. OMG. :/ I will just hope she will make
    video for it tho. Maybe after Pinkprint?

  5. Prince Khari The Poofumuffinhead says

    You emotional ass sheep always want these artist to sing about something
    emotional. Like damn can’t they sing about having fun too? why does
    everything have to be emotional?

  6. Chocolatemew says

    Okay. Okay I love this song but you gotta admit that the singing part is
    really shittily written? ‘when you lie, lie down in your bed, your bed of
    lies’ like… a bit repetitive?

  7. sweetheart15501 says

    Why does every deep song have to be about love. Seriously rap about your
    struggle or something. It’s either rapping about nappy headed hoes or a
    break up lol. And I’m not trying to be mean I don’t dislike nicki

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