1. FMAYoungBradley says

    drake would be a better guy for her..why would she allow this to happend? i
    don’t understand not even for a second! doesn’t she know that drake really
    loves her by now? yet she ignores it at least give the guy a chance..

  2. mariemaraj says

    im glad you made this i love the beining wen yu said what if that was your
    mom boys need to notice they wouldnt like it if it was his mom

  3. lilminajbarbb says

    YAll is dumb ass fuck! SB NEVER hit her! the media can tell bitches
    anything and y’all would believe it! And u stupid for right a fucking song
    about this dumb ass motherfucker safaree was raised by a woman ethics all
    sisters he respect woman he not Chris brown so stfu

  4. mightybfool C says

    I don’t understand why y’all listen to tabloids I take nicki’s word for it
    TMZ twist around stories so much it’s not even funny

  5. laceyz565 says

    @FMAYoungBradley ya no kidding!!! like drakes obviously in love with her
    and you know she has feelings for him too but she chooses to be with a guy
    that cheats on her and shows her no respect. we all know there relationship
    isn’t gonna have a good ending. i thought she was smarter than that.. just
    dosent make since..

  6. Chanequa Reid says

    Forget his ass Safarre don”t have no right screw him for I know nicki you a
    strong woman fuck em”…Someone is for everyone you found him Maraj

  7. darius chatman says

    i love this song safaree a fucking jerk… nicki pretty & independent she
    dont need that nigga…. i heard the reason why she stayed with him because
    he threaten her …

  8. Mindless Jai says

    lol she was just kidding when she said that they been best friends since
    high school in plus he’s older than her

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