1. assassinmakidoo says

    Yet a woman that demands 100 white kittens in her dressing room before she
    attends a gig… does get your respect? I guess that says alot about you.
    Dumb bitch.

  2. Robert Wayne says

    Smh …. Suppose to be role models for your kids and fans and this is how
    they act. Mariah does deserve the respect though.

  3. LulzRoyce says

    They are both bitches but Nicki’s fugly ass can’t even touch Mariah
    musically. Mariah is one of the greatest singers of our time, and I mean
    starting from the 90’s, not this pop shit you kiddies have only been
    hearing. At least Mariah has something to stand behind whilst being a
    bitch, Nicki Minaj is just a conceited shit talking hoe. No talent, no

  4. Alejandro Bello-Munoz says

    In case you didnt know, she dissed Eminem after they broke up, and made a
    song, indirectly dissing him. If you listen to the Warning by Eminem, he
    rips her in half, its awesome.

  5. Justin Mendivil says

    If having class makes you a bitch then I guess Mariah is a bitch.
    All Hail The Bitch Mariah<3

    Better to be a bitch then a talentless person who can't even score a #1

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