1. Red Durag says

    why all these radio niggas be ridinn her dick ? and why they dont have the
    guts to ask her real questions ? they be askin her some dumb silly
    questions which is ok with her this shit happend when she was at big boy
    radio also happend at angie martinez show and agian over here with ebro 

  2. Den Dore says

    She’s so extra, every interview she’s so sad blah blah, blah, probably a
    straight hor , these chickens in 2014 a trip 

  3. Brian Baez says

    This bitch was an aspiring actress since high school she went to a
    performing arts hs and was even persued acting after hs and did amateur
    plays, so therefore i believe nothing that comes out this brawds mouth shes
    super dramatic

  4. KreolaBoy says

    Another way to bite the ” Blueprint “. All this untalented dumb ass bitch
    knows to do is copying those who were there before especially Kim. She aint
    creating shit, she just recycle things…

  5. Sanjay Marjara says

    Its funny all the hate nicki gets. Her first two albums were pretty bad ill
    admit, and i don’t like her radio music and pop stuff, but nicki can
    actually rap. Her latest album is necessary for hip hop today. It lets
    everyone know that she is the best female rapper right now. Hate all you
    want but the pinkprint is a good album.

  6. Zahrlavi says

    The undue praise she receives is paving the way for more garbage artists to
    be accepted within Hip Hop, just look at that Iggy Azalea bitch. Anyone who
    reads a print out of her lyrics and thinks she is comparable skill-wise in
    any way to the greats of the genre is quite simply mentally deficient. She
    thinks her annoying voice inflections and laughable verses are enough to
    warrant her the title of ‘greatest female emcee ever’. These are precisely
    the reasons why I say she is detracting from the culture. 

  7. Jayy Sonata says

    The fact that Nicki and Azealia are both in NY and both did powerful and
    beautiful interviews with Ebro and he hasn’t linked the two up is crazy.
    Because the same shit Nicki said in this.interview is what Azealia has been
    tweeting and has said for a while. They are on the same page and they
    really need to collab soon.

  8. WantSomeMore says

    Why they still keeping asking the same shit in every fucking intterview? Oh
    lord always about SB and Beyonce, oh gad, whe move on to the next page,
    Nicki too, let’s talk about her future Videos, how they will be, how many
    singles, any featuring surprising? what about queen Ari? Go Guys, we are
    getting boring of the same damn questions.

  9. Angel Gayden says

    People saying she over dramatic and all that, it was really the tone of the
    interview to entertain, hint the fucking audience, if you want to see one
    where she’s really speaking her mind watch the one with Angie Martinez. If
    you want to see one where its entertaining but not over the top but still
    shows her feelings watch her CRWN interview 

  10. Jai Grant says

    I thought Ebro was white. The fuck is he talking about? Same for Drake.
    Don’t make up your struggle. You’re taking away from the men and women who
    actually have the struggle and bourdon of ignorant white people and racial
    inequality. We’re all struggling regardless of colour, but you fall all on
    our side. 

  11. LaCheleWallace says

    I give her credit. She’s been able to consistently hold people’s attention
    with that nonsense she calls music for a long time now. The “music” never
    has any depth.

  12. kendolldamon says

    Im just happy to see a sista winning. I support Nicki, I support Azealia
    Banks, Rihanna, Beyonce, I BUY their music

  13. Miillie Mesh says

    18:00 is where Nicki Minaj starts speaking the truth about black women
    being imitated, never duplicated & hated on. “The cultural smudging”. –
    Azealia Banks. The “oh white girls getting booty too, you black girls
    better watch out” Bullshit. Black women are more than their bodies &
    sensuality & what they’re depicted for. Black women are strong, bold, &
    soulfully beautiful. Black women move different, their tone when they speak
    is different, & they FEEL different. The warmth & presence is insanely
    strong. Black women are rich in culture. & I say all this of course with
    black men being included. WAKE UP ‘MERICA. WE’RE HERE & we’re not exactly
    queer but we’re deeply Melinated. “SPEAK YO MIND” She low-key gave Azealia
    Banks some advice too lol but we all must learn in our own way. I respect
    both of the ladies & their thoughts/facts on the subject of being black in

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