1. SuperFirePower says

    Okay okay… Tyler i like your singles and all, but wow, you should
    definitely do more covers. That was pretty epic! Like seriously! I
    didn’tthink it would be a bad cover when i clicked on this video but this
    was 10 times better! On beat and was a good cover. Nice job! :D

  2. LPAPIK says

    That was great! But I like your original songs way more than Nicki’s.
    P.S. You look super thin. You should get some meat on those bones.

  3. LegendaryBeast182 says

    I’m black I dont mind someone white that says nigga is offensive. But some
    people are really sensitive. 

  4. Fsawk says

    This was awesome Tyler. I hope that you don’t stop singing. It made me sad
    when you stopped talking about your music and singing in general :D

  5. TheShiningsquirtle says

    I look at the thumbnail “cool an update” I read the title “oh god” good
    video anyway.

  6. Brad Clark says

    Wow. Nicki Minaj. I don’t think I know anyone in the WORLD except for this
    guy who actually listens to that whore’s “music”. What is wrong with you
    Tyler? Are you actually a homosexual and a faggot?

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