Nicki Minaj Cries HARD!!, Admits She Cheated on BF with Meek Mill, Friendzoning Drake & Lil Wayne.


  1. thatwhiteboy Dylan says

    I am not a follower of Nicki but its obvious she isn’t a hoe, yea the
    persona is there in the music because thats what people pay for and wanna
    hear. But i guess you guys know what she does because of what you see on
    tv. stop being so gullible.

  2. Ravi Morrison says

    Nikki is a lying Illuminati whore jus like riahiana.. You beta no she
    fucked baby,slim, wyane,drake,and who Eva elsl lined up to hit that….any
    one with half a brain know those crackerass white devils make you sell your
    soal eat piss shit , do homo acts jus to be put on.. O.. Don’t worry rick
    Ross n puff fucking meek mill 2.. U didn’t think he was exempt!!!!!! Did
    you???? Rather be poor like cassidy said then let a 300 pound cop fuck me..
    Shame on u industry. Homosexuals…

  3. detrick lamar says

    our best female rapper in the industry just put out an album after 2 yrs ,
    branded her own clothing and perfume line, casted in movies, went out to
    Paris with beyonce etc etc. and now is going threw Heart break .. a 12 year
    relationship break up and niggas still find negative shit to say. have
    sympathy a fan or not.

  4. John pepperoni says

    Reading these comments I’m very disappointed in people. Watching someone
    break down and have to relive a dramatic experience is sad and
    heartbreaking. But, reading these “opinions” I see that people are selfish
    and have no respect or empathy for anyone but themselves. Smh

  5. ocky88 says

    Nicki comes off as disingenuous. You can’t call someone corny, talentless,
    and make fun of their efforts to have a career and then fake cry on the
    radio over them. I mean some of the stuff she did was straight evil.

  6. Joshua Ramey says

    If you really feel that fame destroys you, why’d you sell your soul for it?
    Fame destroys people. You changed yourself. You brought this on yourself.
    Now see the consequences. You join the industry, you’re asking for your
    life to be destroyed. Your personal life was destroyed all because you
    wanted to sign with these industry bastards. All for what a damn radio
    single. Fuck that. You can make money off of rapping without a damn label.
    Look at Tech N9ne. 

  7. Jason Brody says

    all black women are sluts/whores. Give them a little bit of money and
    you’re just asking for trouble. Advice to all you men who are dating black
    women, keep them broke. Or date white/latinas instead

  8. 2uflame says


  9. A Maddy says

    a thot cheats and everyone defends HER? but if it was her boyfriend
    cheating people would be mad at him calling him a pig, dog all men are
    cheaters blah blah blah but when a female cheats everyone sticks up for
    her? oh she has it so hard couldn’t stay faithful. just like i said before
    females with fake tits, ass hair and nails are FAKE

  10. 2conscious says

    Very true what Nicki said about relationships. I’m not a Nicki fan & I’ve
    often had issues w/ her. However, love is universal & I can’t deny truth.
    And her statements about Americans (and others in so-called “modern”
    societies) no longer giving VALUE to human relationships—-is 100%
    correct. Although I am guilty of being online w/ virtual reality (like
    this board)….my weakness is loyalty & human connection. Nicki is about 6
    years younger than I….but, we’re both from old school New York—-the
    REAL New York. You couldn’t hide behind a computer screen. You couldn’t
    just put on a 50 fitted cap, copy black culture & try to walk like young,
    black kids. You had to DEAL with REAL PEOPLE. Like FACE TO FACE. No MTV,
    VH1, BET fake thug-clone shit. No social media bullshit.

    This culture has become more & more ego-centered….and gay male culture is
    even worse. If you’re too human & not viewed as desirable….or, if you’re
    too “deep”, emotional/intellectual/loyal….they wanna dispose of you.
    That’s why fast food is a multi-billion dollar industry.

  11. Creole tattoos says

    This hoe is phony.. The main reason why her ex decided to leave her is bc
    she didn’t respect him as her man and treated him like a employee… He
    wanted to to marry her be out in public with her and be known as her man
    but she never claimed the man she slept and woke up to for 14 years all bc
    of marketing purposes smh Claiming its a better look for ppl to think she’s
    single smh She even portrayed herself as lesbian knowing she has a man….
    But the very moment they split, all of a sudden she’s publicly showing the
    world she’s dating Meek Mills but wouldn’t do that for the dude who was
    there for her through it ALL for over 14 years smh And yall females who are
    condoning this shit is sad!

  12. Jason Krueger. says

    Hmm lets see, she bleached her skin, she claims there is a small demon or
    some shit inside her head, she got Ass Implants, I’m pretty sure breast
    implants also. She’s had plastic surgery done on her face. Which she looked
    perfectly fine before. This bitch obviously hates herrself. Of course she
    doesn’t know how to love, if you don’t love yourself you don’t need to be
    wasting the real niggaz time fuck this circus clown big shoes hoe

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