1. rdt999 says

    you said it- they knew this was going to happen and i for one hate it! This
    is suppose to be about the contestants. It will not. Why Nicki was even
    added is a joke. She has so little experience and this just shows Idol is
    desperate They have ruined the show and poor Keith Urban. He best wear
    armour. Mariah , i have heard is a diva, and there is no room for two
    divas. If this happens- i will not watch it. I have seen every episode in
    the shows history. It may end this season.

  2. KKortez3 says

    They both have really huge egos, and when two or more people with big egos
    like that are put to work together, fights like this are bound to happen.

  3. KKortez3 says

    Exactly, it’s hard enough working with one diva, but tow is just calling
    for chaos. It’s gonna be interesting to see how this pays off in the end
    though. I know like you, a lot of people will opt to stop watching Idol.
    But others will be tuning in just for the chance of seeing them fight. The
    question is, will this help or hurt Idol’s rating.

  4. Pookiesation Ruiz says

    I honestly hate nikki. Reason being is because she a fucking idiot. I don’t
    know why people like this dumb bitch. Now Mariah has been going strong
    since the 90s and gone through bad times. Nikki has to earn the right to
    even be in the same room as Mariah. You kids don’t know shit these days.
    Nikki is only famous because she has a fat ass and because she blew lil
    Wayne and drake to be on their songs.

  5. Megan McAteer says

    Nicki can’t except she’s not a clown barbie was the funniest thing he said.

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