Nicki Minaj – Did It On Em, BITT, Flawless Remix, A$$, Anaconda – The Pinkprint Tour Amsterdam HD


  1. Beccs Murun says

    hey im going to be seeing her soon at 7.30pm, what is the perfect time to
    line up to get to the front (standing)?? 

  2. Destini Truitt says

    Nicki isn’t just the QUEEN of hip-hop but she is the heart and soul of
    hip-hop culture and always will be just like Queen B aka beyonce

  3. Devante Amos says

    Love Nicki But Im Glad I Aint Buy Tickets. U would understand my comment if
    u seen otr tour i expect on the run tour. Choreography , set up, light
    action. This is bs. But love u nicku. Not a hater

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