1. Priyank Patel says

    maybe it was fake or she didnt have time to put it on correctly so instead
    of taking a mic she took a headset :P


    “Maybe she could get attention for being a professional singer a doing a
    good job” omg Daves my favourite ahahaha

  3. alexxC37 says

    I totally agree that more female artists need to rely on their talent
    instead of getting as naked as possible as often as possible. If you have a
    good voice, musical talent or acting abilities that should be enough on its
    own. Getting naked is a cheap way of getting attention and a lousy example
    for the young people who follow these artists. More talent, less attention
    whoring would be great. 

  4. JordWallaa says

    Ok yeah we get it, you don’t like Nicki Minaj, but why say that her music
    is bad, she can’t sing and she’s attention seeking just because you don’t
    like her songs you dick..
    Makes me so fucking angry
    Some people like her songs and some don’t, just because you don’t like the
    music she’s into and creates, doesn’t mean you can all call her a whore and
    say that she can’t sing, she’s not even a fucking singer she’s a rapper..

  5. Ka'eoNohea Ancheta says

    You guys complain about not having freedom of speech but get mad others
    that speak their opinion…

  6. Louise Labang says

    This channel seriously needs to quit saying shit about stars. Your titles
    are misleading and you make it sound like your stating real actual facts
    when in reality, your overloading your ‘overloaders’ with false information
    you hear from the media. It honestly makes you guys look thirsty for views
    tbh. And that malfunction was real and I don’t see why you guys find the
    need to make a whole video about it. That’s not news and even if it was it
    wouldn’t fucking matter because she killed it in her performance. Nicki is
    fucking awesome, and shitloads of people get fucking butt implants or
    injections all the time so stop acting like its a serious issue any of us
    need to worry about. Rant over, I can’t with this channel.

  7. Mathilde Bolduc says

    Didn’t she take a headset because she performed her new song before with a
    headset because she danced and stuff and had just enough time between her 2
    performances to change her dress? And not enough time to zip it. I don’t
    think the headset thing is a valuable argument.

  8. taylor conard says

    She didnt have time to zipp her dress up backstage! God why do people
    always say, “oh they want attention so thats fake”?

  9. Giovanni Khan says

    She is part of Trinidad and Tobago MY COUNTRY and you call her fake????

  10. Alondra Martinez-Reyes says

    Dave I don’t get why you are hating on her I thought you were the cool but
    your stupid 

  11. Becky Bridge says

    Nicki minaj is worlds biggest whore bisdes Mily cyrus shes gonna get killed
    some day for being a whore

  12. raemama says

    You say “because she had the headset ” if you recall on her Anaconda
    performance she had the headset as well. So obviously she’s gonna a have it
    for the next performance. 

  13. Dave Alexander says

    Don’t call her fake get some real talent instead of posting dumb crap on
    youtube…shes 31 she had a bad night it happens

  14. Laila Symone says

    She had a head set from her previous performance when she did anaconda
    because she was dancing…and I don’t think she had enough time to change
    because she had to change out her previous outfit. & I don’t think they
    Jessie and Ariana helped her because they were worried about their own
    performance but she still did really good. And looked good while doing it 

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