1. Aidan Fink says

    Ayye!!! I can’t wait to take some of your classes in a couple of weeks!
    Happy New Year Hamilton Evans!!! 

  2. Jay Aster says

    You guys can just slow it down and mirror it, and watch all the dancers to
    make sure you have every bit of the choreography. Some of the dancers
    ignore or miss some of the motions. 

  3. mscardioqueen says

    The young lady in the red pants at the end did it for me. I was waiting for
    her. I was waiting for someone to kill this choreography and she did it.
    She was the best!

  4. Josephine Croom says

    Little girl in yellowed killed it ” MS. INDEPENDENT ” . but one in red was
    flowing . YOU GO GIRLLL

  5. nathaniel nicholes says

    Hamilton Evan’s choreo is so good.

    1. the beat is on point which adds to the awe factor
    2. the moves are great also
    3. The dancers are good too xD

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