1. TheCorrectViews says

    Santa Clause just called me and promised that he will make sure YOUR angel
    gets their wings IF you dislike/thumbs down this awful song! Santa knows
    suck when he hears it….and this is it. 

  2. LivMYlif3 says

    Beyonce needs to stop bringing herself down to these other girls level and
    take herself back on up to where she was before like its insane 

  3. sim ami says

    Watch when this song blows up. All the people calling it trash are going to
    be the same ones saying “I knew this song was gonna be big!”. Don’t believe
    me? Just watch.

  4. A. John-Charles says

    Beyoncé is so overrated now. She went from an absolute queen in her days of
    Halo, Diva, Single Ladies, etc. She was iconic then. Now she’s lowered
    herself down to the level of all these peasant hoes like Nicki, and it’s
    really disappointing that she doesn’t have any class anymore & will do
    whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight!! Smh. 

  5. Beyonce Thousand says

    Feelin myself feelin myself dancing to this song and it has my fav singer
    in it and we have the same names so awesome

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