1. Ashley Monroe says

    The reason these songs sound alike is because the same team worked on all
    three (Dark Horse, Black Widow, Get On Your Knees)

  2. !Ms Gamer Cutie MSP! :3 says

    when she sounds “i got a bow on my panties” on 0:21 it sounds like she is
    saying “I got a bow on my penis” x’DD

  3. Tayler Stovall says

    At this point it doesn’t matter if her verses are clever or not. It’s all
    the same, it’s all we’ve been hearing for the past couple years and it’s
    boring at this point

  4. Elizabeth DeSantis says

    I don’t see how this even sounds like black widow at all? other than
    clapping in the background during the chorus

  5. Jeremy Scott says

    No, we will not stop saying cat valentine, people are missing the funny
    goofy Ariana and yet again I love the new Ariana so ya. Everybody can say
    cat if they want to and I don’t care if its annoying 

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