Nicki Minaj Ft. Lady Gaga & Porcelain Black – Let’s Burn The Étage (Music Video)


  1. mrsaintmua says

    I wish that Porcelain’s vocals were a little more in focus then back round
    music in the ‘This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like’

  2. Cody Bennett says

    Just when I was loosing interest in today’s music, this video was created.
    Awesome job! Porcelain and Gaga mixed perfectly…why was this not created
    before? AMAZING!!!

  3. peacemc123 says

    what I really liked about it was using the Lady Gaga backround music when
    Nicki was singing and vice versa. I have never heard of Porcelain Black so
    the backround music sounded all Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj but when
    Porcelain was singing she was QUEEN. This is amazing

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