1. Chuck Dylan says

    girl nicki got a man of ten years!!!!! and Dricki is the name the barbz
    came up with so we keeping it

  2. Hilaah Sing It Rap It says

    OMG that wasn’t Nicki Minaj with Drake and they def ain’t dating, Nicki is
    already with someone ffs

  3. Elsenja Muka says

    Why they don’t get married already! I shipped them from the first time I
    saw them! 😉 they are so cute together plus they would make a hell of a hot
    couple! 😉 

  4. chantaea bowie says

    +Travy CrankdAT and +ThEwWh0 sorry but god is real and no u can’t be
    directed to hell but when u get there u know because u will be tortured for
    eternity because u didn’t believe and thewh0 y r u so angry at +Nicole for
    her comparison that’s what it is to her not every one feels the same about
    god not everyone describes him in the same I lost one of my parents when I
    was 9 and I lost faith and went into one of the worst places ofy life I’m
    young but my life experiences have caused me to believe in god and I’ve
    seen the change he can cause for example my momy mother was one of theost
    angry and hateful people when I was younger and when she begin to really
    give her life to god I’ve seen a major change in her you may not be able to
    c him may not be able to understand y god let’s certain things happen but u
    simply has to trust his will and the universe didn’t create god he created
    the universe god cannot be compared to man because god is not man god is a
    spirit Jesus Christ was a human sent by god to save everyone u don’t have
    to be perfect to be accepted by god what u have to be is moldable that’s
    what the youth leader aty church always say for god u have to be like
    playdoh so he can shape u and trust me dude it is not easy at all its like
    the more u change your life the more hard it gets to keep going cause
    something always happens and its Satan’s way of trying to defeat u the way
    I get through that is ignore that voice in my head telling me I can’t Satan
    was one of gods angels but then he decided he wanted what god had which was
    to be worship and god casted him out of heaven and that’s how hell was

  5. laurielle carter says

    Also another thing I see a lot of comments that involve hate. If you are a
    “so called Christian” than you would know that God doesn’t promote hate but
    promotes love, yes everywhere you go you’re going to meet people with
    different believes and opinions as you but you don’t talk to that person
    nasty or rude but instead you listen to their opinion because it’s THEIR
    opinion and try to get your point across in a nice way. All of this hate is
    making Christians look bad. How come the LGBT community is so successful ?
    It’s because they are united!!! Why can’t us Christians be united? Why must
    me be divided ? Division is not of God but of Satan!!! Christians need to
    stop fighting against each other and start fighting side to side next to
    each other! We need to be united because our battle is bit with flesh and
    blood but with spirits and rulers of high places!!!! 

  6. Nathaniel Davis says

    She’s disgusting man WOW LOL lil girls look up to you also your just
    teaching lil girls to be hoes

  7. TheTekTwins says

    No talk of the music and all talk about the sexual tension in the music
    video. Welcome to modern “music”…

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