1. dedrawilliams says

    And this old bitch lied about her age she really 28 and she said no one hit
    her but she was hit smh this bitch stupid.they have police records.

  2. dedrawilliams says

    @mikes797 NOPE!She had the nerves to talk shit about Queen B Lili Kim age
    but her stupid ass lye saying she 24 .

  3. moneysuccesslegacy says

    Can’t stand those titles with a question mark at the end. Jay Z caught
    sucking off Diddy?

  4. LaLaGrunge says

    @SlimeSwagEuro take it out of ya mouth. you’ve contracted some nasty shit.
    nicki’s plastic surgery is on ya melt

  5. xChibiBlaze says

    I saw a commercial in which nicki minage was involved. She was SO fucking
    annoying, I deliberately looked up “nicki minaj hit by” hoping that if this
    world had even a slight amount of justice she’d be hit by something. I am
    more than satisfied.

  6. Jason Conters says

    wayne been a millionaire since he was 16. do really think he was a dope boi
    when carter 2 came out? lol.

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