1. TheKingOfPopVideos01 says

    She’s so fake, stop making stupit people famous, twerking seems fun, until
    it gets you pregnant, that’s wat the nwo wants

  2. Leon YoungVEVO says

    Yo u guys with the negative comments should just shut the fuq up because
    wat ever u say or think of her song isnt going to stop her song from
    selling because her fans are still going to buy it and support her and she
    is still going to make money and be richer than your broke asses anyway so
    i think u should take ur negatives and go alll the way to mexico dig a hole
    and bury ur self along with ur negative comments. Nicki is BEAST !!!

  3. Angel Martinez says

    Attention seeker. Since she’s flopping a lot she decided to get halfway
    naked so people can watch her shitty music videos. 

  4. katy cat says

    Everybody’s hating on nicki but the hates not gonna stop her so stop she’s
    the queen of rap so all u haters can stfu and get a life cause nicki is

  5. Imani Cunningham says

    Fake ass don’t move the same as real ass. Nicki swear she killing it but
    she just as bad as Miley with a slight advantage. I mean really you only
    want plastic surgery to be able to have something you don’t have. Nicki
    videos used ta be hot but now the kinda whack. She can jiggle that ass but
    she cant twerk it and get down for real. Have y’all seen how when she squat
    she can’t move cause her fake ass get stiff. One day that ass gon be outta
    shape and nasty. I’m jus bein honest… If u don’t like Idfc !

  6. Jahad is says

    Check out my freestyle to Nicki Minaj’s new song #Anaconda. . . Song on my
    page with download link. . . #GHTS #GHLD

  7. Samantha Spears says

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates Miley Cyrus jokes and
    comments.. It was funny the first month. It’s been over a year. Please

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