1. dana says

    omg im not a fan of nicki, but poor her, that girl asking for a lap dance
    was probably all sweaty and gross and putting pressure on her and ugh she
    was all up in her space, tell me thats not sexual harrassment, but guy’s
    cat calling on the street is??

  2. Brian Edmondson says

    Please talk about Justin Bieber huggin up on Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s
    reaction tweet

  3. Jordan Tuohy says

    i was at the Nottingham show and i was in stitches when she asked for a lap
    dance! it was so unexpected and so casual the way she asked aha

  4. debussy843 says

    That girl is soooo repulsive and disgusting. Shame on her for asking Nicki
    that. Nicki’s like a 10 and she’s like a -50.

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