1. Brandon Standifer says

    That stupid talentless bitch just wants everyone to bend down and kiss her
    ass. YOUR NOT A FUCKING MC. Quit yapping your dumb ass. Stupid ass bitch

  2. Chuck Quatro says

    that song was gorilla shit. it’s undoubtedly for mouth breathing, bubblegum
    brained, cum scented breath tweenage hoes.

  3. David Richardson says

    I lost respect for Nicki when she acted too snobbish around Mariah Carey.
    Regardless if she is washed up, Mariah has been around 25 years, dating
    back when Nicki was only seven. I really hate that about female artists.
    You don’t have to prove anything, just your talent and dedication. Nicki
    has a very bad vibe around industry people.

  4. Anonymous says

    When you take away all the money and fame, Nicki has hella insecurities
    inside just off the shear fact of the bodily augmentations she has done to
    her self to be accepted or liked. So with that being said she probably cant
    handle any criticism at all. Confidence is silent, while insecurities are
    loud. Those who need the most attention,normally have issues that there
    hiding behind thr scenes. Her saying at the BET awards something about
    suicide & her titling her single “pills and potions” something within is
    eating at her badd. #Peace #iAmDocHicks

  5. Kaye Squared says

    Lol everyone hating on ctg because he speaks his mind and doesn’t care what
    people say and doesn’t care if anyone disagrees with him. It happened with
    kanye, now gmbino and now nicki.

  6. pebbles8482 says

    That’s how celebs are. They’re used to yes men, and they want ppl to agree
    with everything they do. Corny.

  7. honesty90 says

    Charlamagne doing the “let me see how much people i can beef with and still
    have supporters” challenge.

  8. honesty90 says


    1.Floyd maywether

    2,Lil mama


    4.Nicki minaj

    5. Childish Gambino

    6.The entire Young money label

    7.wendy william

    8 Fredo Star

    9.Stinky fingaz

    10.Kanye west 

  9. conflictstress says

    I hate this white dude yo lmao. Charlamagne isn’t wrong, but I’m not mad at
    Nicki for getting pissed. I’d get bothered by some of the shit he says,
    don’t act like you wouldn’t. 

  10. Willis Street says

    I love being from Atlanta watching New York take a thousand L’s EVERY DAY.
    Remember when yall boo out kast at the 95 source awards lol karma Is a
    bitch ain’t it lol NEW YORK SUCKS

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