1. wazzupallex says

    why does she always do music videos for songs like ‘i am your leader’
    ‘stupid hoe’ or ‘the boys’ when she has beautiful songs like this?? she
    always picks the wrong singles. i love this song, it deserves a music video

  2. MsMissme2011 says

    Nicki can rap her ass off but her pop music is what the general public
    loves the most. This song would’ve topped the charts but it was so slept on
    by Nicki, Just like she slept on Super Bass until Taylor Swift brought
    attention to it in one of her interviews. Super Bass and Starships would’ve
    been far more successful but Nicki and her camp didn’t handle them
    correctly. She put SB on the deluxe album as an extra and it went 8x
    platinum in the US alone. I’M PISSED!!

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