1. Tramiie Poo says

    She is so sweet, God knows it angers me when people say rude shit about her
    and don’t even know the first thing that makes her who she really is.

  2. Yoiber Sulbaran says

    I Love Nicki, I Love Her Music.
    It’s sad what happened to her at the VMAs. 🙁
    this performance was Majestic

  3. Velenro Levazco says

    After seeing My Time Now and This. I feel like everyday of her life is
    unenjoyable… everywhere is DO THIS DO THAT.. EVE….RYDAY! When can she
    enjoy her time? Her carrier? Her life… I feel so worried

  4. Just_Bri says

    Loved the studio session- my fav part of the doc. Nicki really stepped her
    bars up for this album…. Why rewrite your verse? because that’s what
    greatness is, you hold yourself to a different standard regardless of what
    the masses are doing 

  5. VanessaKimme says

    I like Nicki, because even after all the surgery and shit her personality
    stayed the same and that’s very rare to find in celebs that make it these
    days <3

  6. VanessaKimme says

    29:35 , Ima have to call bullshit on you Nicki tho because when Miley Cyrus
    made “Hannahconda” you got pissed off. Still love you tho <3

  7. Luana Santos says

    My preference in types of music is not rap. I used to be a type of person
    that judged artists depending on the types of music they perform. Such as
    the rappers these days I would think that they just love the money and fame
    and only talked about sex, money, and bodies. I came out of that phase a
    while ago and watching this enhanced my knowledge of how celebrities are
    still people. I like how she’s serious about her job and that she still has
    values and wants to accomplish those values. I am not a Nicki fan, but I do
    have respect for her.

  8. Arnold Cesar says

    Nicky you did fine at the vma I would be so happy that people were still
    screaming for me u did well that is the bright thing to think about

  9. Pauline M. Tendencia says

    Nicki is such an inspiration! I’ve always wanted to be a singer but i’m in
    the same situation she was and watching this documentary just make me want
    to chase my dreams and don’t give up. I always thought Nicki was a spoiled
    brat (and i’m so sorry) but while watching this video i said to myself
    “don’t judge a book by it’s cover. NEVER.” Now i really love her. I hope
    someday i can be like her 🙂 

  10. Samuel Ojekwe says

    an excellent documentary,
    tends to put the viewer in a contemplative / thinking / reflective mind
    may be described as deep and incisive.
    overall an excellent documentary.
    a tale of reality. a tale of truth.
    mooted, perhaps, in many ways. however the pointers are indicated.
    would / the description BOLD and BRAVE be an understatement
    with regards to a possible description of NICKI MINAJ
    based on this excellent video/tape
    Cheers !!!!!!!!!

  11. Kira Flores says

    I loved the part when she was explaining how she was a waitress and then
    the customers said you got bread lmfao I was dying!!!!!!!:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 :-)

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