1. Laurence Eckert says

    I learned her verse literally after listening to it 3 times. I liked it but
    I am kinda mad that I waited what feels like a millennium for her extremely
    short verse. Especially when most of her verse was put into those two
    snippets? I was expecting a LITTLE more but still happy nonetheless 

  2. Ricky Mulah says

    This was perfect until the rapping part. I hated the transition. She
    should’ve did left to right mono stutters for the entrance to her rap part.

  3. Kaye Dominiq says

    It’s basically the same song, same lyrics. The only change is a simple
    verse from the Queen. She is the only reason why I even bothered with it. I
    expected more and received less. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy her verse.
    Nicki doesn’t need a long verse, she can kill everyone with a simple
    sentence. That’s why she will always be the Queen of Hip-Hop! 

  4. Jonathan Tunstall says

    I love how you get these videos out so fast. When I hear there is a new
    Nicki song or verse I come straight to this channel and it’s already up.

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