1. Aniya Benjamin says

    Guys it’s yazli said friend aniya tall are so good I hope talk check on
    yazli Gonzalez channel or mine 

  2. Vasper79 says

    Good job girls but please pick a clean song next time. Ya’all tooo young to
    dance to stuff.

  3. micheal dayly says

    This was not all that bad there’s room for improvement but other than that
    it was fantastic great job girls 

  4. pamela gilkey says

    Children not taught by Their PARENTS will be to taught by the WORLD….
    African Proverbs
    I don’t care what yall say that was inappropriate and it makes it even
    worst THAT her father, oops I mean dad was recording it smh you can’t be
    your child’s friend… lead by a positive example parents please…

  5. Trany Griffin says

    Im sorry but the little girl in the first one should be took out but either
    way is fine you guys killed it

  6. carl emmanuel celestin says

    people that are saying the girl is too young shut up because you are not
    their mom or dad. She is a great dancer and if you don’t like this video
    why are you waching this and this is Christine from your class Ayanna don’t
    lisening to them .

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