Nicki Minaj – “ONLY” – Choreography by Brittany Thomas | @nickiminaj @chrisbrown @drake @liltunechi


  1. AlphaJacks Cereal says

    DOPE! Just a little more conviction and this dance would’ve went through
    the roof! Just give em that raw! Unleash your fury!

  2. jaymiket says

    hey! i really enjoyed your video. I’m a dancer myself, i think maybe you
    could play with syncopation more so certain things aren’t anticipated but
    you definitely have some awesome movement quality. I’m about to stalk your
    vids 🙂 happy dancing

  3. Brittany Thomas says

    WOW past 10k views already, thank you guys so much for the love and
    constructive criticism. It is all very much appreciated! Stay tuned for
    more videos very soon!! – Britt

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