1. MrNotThatFamous says

    fun fact i have never screwed either of them as well, so technically we are
    “Never fked Drake, never fked wayne” twins, just accept it so i can buy the
    matching heart necklaces already, the dealer says its 24 karrot and well,
    i’m throwing cash at him.

  2. Dominick Carter says

    I always thought Nicki Minaj was only in it for the money, but then I
    realized, even money couldn’t fix this fucked up shit.

  3. M kay says

    What was the point of making a clean version when there’s a swear word in
    nearly every sentence? Awell still a fan thou Nicki ;)

  4. Lottie Nee says

    you’re all so dumb

    she makes clean versions of her songs avaliable bc she knows she has
    younger fans and she’s catering to them

  5. Daniel Urrutia says

    Este video ya lo había visto antes. ¿Por qué lo subió 2 veces? Que extraño
    todo:( no veo la diferencia si este es el explícito o el censurado. 

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