1. Claire Fahey says

    Look if you hate Nicki, quit commenting. If you DO comment and say that she
    is a stupid whore then please feel free to jump off a cliff.

  2. SVD BassBoostedMusicHD says

    This compared to Micheal Jacskon, 2Pac, Bob Marley. wow, music became shit,
    back in the days music was way better

  3. Richard E. Steve says

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  4. Christian M says

    Am I the only person that thinks this video is evil/ illuminati af… This
    shit don’t even go with the song…and CB if u was trying make evil looking
    faces my nigga u fked that up

  5. Katelynn Brown says

    Wow, I am surprised. I love how Nicki, Drake and Wayne all addressed one of
    the main rumors that has been going around since Nicki started. I am also
    in love with the fact that she said so what if my butt is fake. Thank you
    God cuz if I hear one more person saying Nicki’s butt is fake like it is a
    real issue I am going to scream. I love everybody in this video.They all
    said what they wanted to. The video is weird, but I like the song. 

  6. Joel Romero says

    Omg, What happened to Nicki Minaj. I used to love Nicki Minaj then now she
    become more demonic stuffs to torture people. Poor Her Souls because she
    sold her souls for Fame & Money. I miss Harajuku Barbie. I want her back to
    be a Harajuku Barbie. I don’t like this video.

  7. loganmcfar says

    Our generation is so fucked up. I’m 12 and I’m so mad that this is what in
    growing up to. I wish I grew up to the Beatles, Nirvana, Areosmith etc.
    this isn’t real music

  8. smith2881 says

    Any reason why the majority of comments are saying that white people are
    all jealous of nicki? Exactly what can an entire denomination be jealous
    of? If you mean her curves, and you’re saying that white people are jealous
    of what they can never have, that’s rude and a little racist. That’s like
    me watching some video about “Best Dads 2014”, then commenting about how
    black people are jealous since they have no fathers, and wouldn’t
    understand the video.

  9. dominikfilms says

    Dear person reading this,
    You’re maybe going through a hard time right know, are feeling insecure and
    unimportant, but please know that you are a beautiful human being inside
    and out and that your hard work will pay off some day, just keep trying !
    Don’t let somebody tell you that you can’t do something, remember that
    impossible is just a big word used by small men ! I
    Just trying to write some uplifting comments, sometimes we just need that,
    I hope it helped you a bit ! 🙂

  10. Minajesty says

    Do you hate this video?
    Well look no further! Here are a few steps to overcome this hate:
    1- Alt + F4
    2- Shut the computer
    3- Get a life

  11. Sevilay Torres says

    Can someone explain me that one
    “im from holly groove , the holy mecca”
    what does he mean by that o.ö

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