1. Sasha Issabel says

    The fact that you all of a sudden have a new intro song makes me
    uncomfortable. I was waiting for that familiar beat and then I didn’t hear
    it and i felt weird

  2. Seth Joseph says

    Yo Ryan wtf. LMAOO YOUR INTRO THREW ME OFF!!!!! I was getting ready to
    dance and then the music was different WHAT TO HECK??

  3. Rebecca French says

    You’re description is hilarious!!! ” “Only” by Nicki Minaj ft Drake and Lil
    Wayne and Chris Brown

  4. Lauren Burrows says

    well that would be a lot of jelly beans. But anyway i love your videos and
    make ore of these there hilarious

  5. Cameron Byfield says

    “I don’t duck nobody but tape, yeah that was a set up, for a punch line on
    duct tape.” I don’t think she realized the difference between duck and duct

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