Nicki Minaj “Only” Music Video Exposes the Illuminati’s New World Order?


  1. H0RS3Y says

    LMAO, mark dice is the most funniest person ever, this video is obviously
    for comedy
    if not mark dice has mental issues.

  2. Alex G says

    says the retarded christian tard who thinks thew earth is 5000 years old
    and that we humanity got to its current state through massive fucking

  3. Cole J says

    I like watching your videos, BUT I rarely press the like button. One of the
    main reasons is because you frequently use strings of negative words for
    the people you identify as bad. I think you have a lot of good points and I
    appreciate the news updates, BUT I wanted to understand why all the hate to
    your “enemies”… I am not part of any religious group, but I know in The
    Bible, which you have frequently referenced, it says the second most
    important thing to do in this life is to Love your neighbor (i.e fellow
    humans). It also states numerous times to love your enemy as well. Just
    thought I’d share my thoughts 🙂 Thanks for all the time you’ve spent
    making these videos :D

  4. BecSocialScientist Cohen says

    Everyone watch the man on the street vids! I’ve watched the whole playlist
    b/c they’re hilarious — I can’t believe ppl are so dumb in the videos.
    Nikki Garbage is a filthy, wishes she was a white woman, skank.

  5. Fatt Drake says

    Mark Dice is slowly turning into one of those TMZ or ET people, all you
    talk about these days is Celebrity and what they do, Theres nearly 12 wars
    going on around the world, why wont talk about that? people are dying dude.

  6. Donney Simpson Jr says

    Fuck the illuminati they tryna break your self esteem…instead go cop that
    new LOX shit…” THE TRINITY 3rd Sermon” …”Real is Real” hard song very

  7. MindTurd says

    Mark Dice, how much is that bridge you’re going to sell Alex Jones? Alex
    Jones called the producer of that video his quote “hero” unquote.

  8. Justus Lee Williams says

    Mark Dice Alex jones had a different theory on this check his out as
    well…. they claim the director is legit but the artist had nothing to do
    with the video and are still puppets.

  9. TruthStartsNow2 says

    Fuck Nicki Minaj..She doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself..She
    only taking advantage of the growing public awareness of the corruption
    thats going on in our government..Shes only doing it for a pretty
    penny..Cheap slut!

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