1. Julian Ferretti says

    supposed in the opening statement is ridiculous. it IS nazi imagery. no
    questions need to be asked about it. doesn’t make it a bad video though.
    nazi imagery works to catch the eye. the masters of propaganda. evil though
    they may be.

  2. MegaloBlazemon says

    There is no New World Order, that’s just a new-age fairy tale to make
    people scared. We’re simply entering a tech age, there’s bound to be some
    growing pains. At the end of the day most people don’t want their virtual
    privacy invaded so it will never hold up. Believe in the NWO as much as the
    Boogey Man.

  3. jon wheeler says

    That’s like saying “yes I said some racist things, but I’m not racist. I
    have black friends” that doesn’t give you a right to do that because “oh
    the guy that did this video is Jewish so it’s all good” no, to me, it’s
    clear as day it has nazi imagery from the arm bands, to the banners, to
    just the propaganda film style. And they probably did it for the “shock”
    factor, granted. No I don’t think Nikki wants or is a nazi lol. So I don’t
    really care I find it more tasteless if anything and the song sucks either

  4. Filthtrooper says

    The problem is that there is no “appropriate” place in pop hip hop where
    you can make this type of social commentary. If you expect a popular hip
    hop song to come along where this imagery would be more appropriate, you’d
    be better off waiting for pigs to fly. Pop hip hop is about capitalism and
    rampant materialism. Kudos to this guy for trying to throw a stick
    in-between the spokes of that wheel.

  5. p ford says

    Lol. I didn’t think it was offensive at all. If anything rap music as a
    whole is OFFENSIVE. It’s extremely disgusting. 

  6. Jaden Oldfield says

    Kinda silly, nobody really cares about this guys tinfoil hat conspiracies,
    apart from trolls. And people being offended just don’t get that this guys
    intentions had nothing to do with nazis and more to do with.. Reptilians.

  7. EscudeMinaj SRB says

    Why does this white boy with blonde hair keep saying that song is about
    sex? It’s not about sex. Just cos it’s Nicki Minaj and u havent heard the
    song doesnt mean that. What part of “I never fucked Wayne,i never fucked
    drake” “Dinner with my man on a G5 is my idea of an update” It’s Barz that
    clearly,this white guy dosn’t understand :)))

  8. BeatrixFairyQueen says

    It seems like pop and hip hop artists are allowed to put any kind of
    content/sexual content in their videos.Rock artists who nowadays don’t sell
    as much as the pop and hip hop ones are discriminated. I remember when
    Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars was censored by Mtv and other music
    channels because it displayed FLASHES (not even full scenes) of BDSM sex.
    But Nicki and other singers are allowed to be naked and give gross
    lapdances to some horny men on screen. This is discrimination.

  9. Aramazd Khabayan says

    The singers and the meaning of the song have nothing to do with the message
    of the video’s imagery. As much as you can make the song and the video
    related to one another or not, nowadays, with people being annoyingly
    oblivious/misinformed/indifferent of their surrounding, someone like Nicki
    (unfortunately) is one of the few options to have people’s attention to the
    NWO-issue or similar subjects. People are so BUTTHURT from everything.

  10. RaphaPower says

    There’s a thing called being subtle when you are trying to emphasize a
    point I’m guessing they wanted this kind of reaction when they made the
    music video

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