Nicki Minaj Performs ANACONDA at 2014 iheartRadio Festival Music (19 Sept)


  1. A. Jay says

    You stupid ass motherfucker needs to post the whole video and stop cutting
    shit bitch!
    Post all or nothing! Useless fuck! 

  2. Viktor Filipovic says

    I just wanna say something,nicki rap so good she is the best but her lyrics
    are really bad,i am a barb 4 years,iggy’s lyrics is so good and the lyrics
    actully have sense but iggy dont know how to rap,look at iggy’s
    performance,and listen the voice ps sorry for the grammer :)

  3. Angel Monae says

    She has sex positions in her dance choreography, talks about drugs &
    fucking men for drugs. Uses her fake butt to become attractive to people &
    to get views. And her fans wonder why people call her talentless. 

  4. TheEndiPL says

    Ppl who say shes amazing…. Hahaha Hahaha she is just a whore and
    unfortunately she is wasting her talent because of that. Get over this
    whore trend and try to sing about normal stuff. Youll see peple will
    respect you.

  5. Cody Sordelay says

    Nicki Minaj has talent but if she ever wants to be compared to a male
    rapper she will have to stop the antics and win a audience solely off of
    lyrics and talent.

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