1. Laurence Eckert says

    1) It wasn’t a “new” shot…. it was from the No Love Remix video with
    August Alsina

    2)The video has a horror movie vibe because Nicki Minaj is in fact a
    murderer. She stays killing these irrelevant bitches in the game. 

  2. Tyrique LewsinkiMinaj says

    Queen OF RAP !!! But None of the Clips were new except the hand…. They
    were all from videos !! ut Yass The PinkPrint DECEMBER 15TH !

  3. khaled ali says

    Btw thats not the pink print cover
    & the shot were Nicki walks in a pink zebra dress is from no love remix
    video (not new) 

  4. Alphonso Gayden says

    Why are people calling Pink Friday Roman Reloaded a flop?
    That went platinum and sold 253,000 copies in the first week, number one
    album too? Since when was that a flop?

  5. LoverNickiMusic says

    The clip of Nicki in the pink striped dress is from the No Love Remix with
    August Alsina and the clip of her in the bob wig is from a BTS video of her
    magazine cover shoot with L’Uomo Vogue.

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