Nicki Minaj Smashes Windows, Amber Rose New BF, Jim Jones & Dame Dash – The Breakfast Club


  1. Logrimot says

    Well Kendrick Lamar album is going to flop because none of his music is
    fake its too real for ppl. In 2014 (not me) you have to talk about bitches
    and the songg has to be catchy and have no lyrics. Sorry Kendrick your to
    real for the game no money for you

  2. Tealove Lovely says

    Amber a Ho? Wiz a playa? Lol so fuc’n silly! Just Becuz you seen outside
    with someone doesn’t make you a couple! Damn she can’t know anybody huh? 

  3. KeLonely says

    Amber Rose a hoe but wiz cheated on her & got caught … but yall still
    callin amber rose a hoe … oooook …

  4. hokagealex says

    Damn how the fck you go from Kanye, to Wiz, to french montana’s fcking
    brother? This bitch keep downgrading, she couldn’t find another dude who
    wanted to pop that pussy?

  5. rich Diaz says

    This dumb bitch got a new BF? Yo…these celebrity bitches ain’t shit b.
    Wiz must b mad hurt deep down. Women are the most evil creatures walking
    the Earth. Always pull out, gentleman, and bust on their faces. 

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