1. Branden Garcia says

    I love both of the songs. I don’t think it leaked tho because The PinkPrint
    was released in some countries today.

  2. Gregory Pabst says

    Did you know that Katy perry was supposed to be on the get on your knees
    track? She wrote the hook, but was later scrapped because it didn’t work
    out. Doesn’t the hook sound like dark horse? 🙂 

  3. Kevinn Galindo says

    Every time we hear an album leak , they really don’t leak because these
    albums are released in other countries before the U.S. Release date 

  4. Theo Wazzup says

    Nicki is fuqqin shit upp, them 2 tracks are on point
    & wasn’t that Nicki singing?? It sounds like her
    *The Pinkprint 12/15*

  5. ItsMeRevival Gameplayerxx says

    Ariana voice changes too anything. U do not know what nicki is capable of
    and beyonce and nicki r like besties, so they do make songs together.

  6. Brittany Paige says

    Ariana voice is amazing!
    I just think that she should be putting her voice to good use. God gave her
    a gift
    Why isn’t she making songs for him (if you get it)?
    the same for Nicki 

  7. Mateo Camayo says

    Actually, the whole album was uploaded to the Internet, but I wouldn’t say
    it was ‘leaked’ because it has already been released in New Zealand so
    obviously it was going to be uploaded

  8. ThoseShades says

    This album is gonna be the best to date . Ariana is the best & erryone’s
    hype about Beyoncé so I believe this album is gonna be on top of the charts
    as soon as it drops every where . 

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