1. madds says

    i dont think meek will be her bf anytime soon. she just went through a
    MAJOR breakup with someone she’s been with for more than 10 years. she’s
    also busy finding herself again, getting over him, and with her new album.
    sorry, but i don’t think she’s ready for a new man at the moment. idk maybe
    she is but this is just what i think. love clevver

  2. killakally1 says

    Are y’all blind you can clearly see that they are more than just friends
    she has BEEN messing around with meek just pay attention to the lyrics in
    her songs and what she says in her interviews was waiting for him to come
    home that’s why it was perfect timing for her and sb to end. You can be in
    a relationship for a long time and one or both parties can be emotional
    dead in the relationship and when that happens it can make it easier to
    more on because you feelings been gone for the person. 

  3. Tatiana Ragland says

    Meek mill ain’t nothing but a rebound! He ain’t nothing special to her!
    That relationship is fake! Her and her old are gonna get back together just
    watch! Give it about two- three years! They are soulmates! 

  4. janmichael says

    Gotta love hoes a hoe a act like she loves you and soon as you guys break
    up she flocks to the next thing these hoes ain’t loyal 

  5. Thawkinsable says

    But guys are 100% always loyal right??? FOH! Niggas always acting like the
    victim! Ain’t nobody damn loyal, everybody fucking everybody!

  6. artisticxheart says

    Now that she has a boyfriend, maybe she’ll stop acting like a rich
    prostitute. I highly doubt it though.

  7. xXNicki Minaj is da queenXx says

    I like Nicki and Meek, they r a cute couple. But does anybody still believe
    in “Dricki”?

  8. NickiTheBestRapper says

    Can y’all CHILL? She’s just trying to have fun. Read her Vogue interview.
    She had a 10+ year relationship and it fucked her up mentally. SB is a
    dumbass. And annoying. Let her be happy for once. She has never been this
    happy. Meek treats her like a queen and if something happens between them
    it’s their problem not ours. They go to clubs everyday, perform and have
    fun. There’s nothing wrong about that. They are not even
    boyfriend/girlfriend right now. Even if they are, they’re not forcing it.
    It’s probably not a serious relationship. But stop calling Nicki fake for
    claiming him. 

  9. Destiny Mckee says

    Why ppl hatein yes her and sb was a good couple but they moved on her and
    meek is cute as hell and she happy so that all that matters 

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