1. Swiftie 4Life says

    Are you serous? Taylor didn’t beg for forgiveness, she just apologized and
    Nicki forgave her. THE END

  2. Singing Sirret says

    Why do they keep bring up Beyoncé being nominated? Beyoncé is not thick.
    She’s does have a booty, but she is skinny like the rest of the top female
    artist. Beyonce has a thigh gap.

  3. Ledya Khamou says

    Wtf? What kind of question is that? Of course it’s over ugh I hate
    Hollywood Life why am I here?

  4. Mirgu Lites says

    What the fuck…nicki minaj……you are most ugly celebrity….if i become
    a girl i would look million times better than you….anaconda was popular
    because of the booty…jst do one thing…nxt time make a shaking boobs
    video …that would make you nominate for video of the year…why the fuck
    taylor will ask for are the one starting this……your
    coconuts are too big…perhaps you should get a surgery…

  5. NJ Ringlord says

    There never was a feud to begin with. Niki made the first mistake by her
    poor choice of words in her original tweet talking about skinny women only
    getting nominated. There really was only one way Taylor could take that
    statement since Beyonce, though by no means fat, does not qualify as
    skinny. The next mistake was Taylor’s by responding on twitter instead of
    calling Niki on the phone and asking what was going on before she reacted.

    That is the extent of what happened and why.

  6. Jake Watkins says

    I’ve learned something today, that if you have a Twitter feud with Taylor
    swift you get to perform with her?

  7. NickChat227 says

    “she actually called nicki on an actual phone” im actually not suprised at
    the actual dumb shit you actually just said actually.

  8. abdul halim abdulmokti says

    The one is asking for forgiveness first is the bravest one. And the one
    that forgive is the strongest.. That’s mean they really great artist and
    very nice person. And I’m feel sorry for kim k and katy perry for jumped
    over the war.. 

  9. Muhammed Baldeh says

    y’all are fucking biased. It’s. So obvious you’re against Nicki. Who cares
    what she used to look like. Calm your tits cuz ur man would have her over
    you anyday.

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