1. Nicki Minaj says

    I Don’t Know , if It Just Me , or Not , Who Wants You to do a Cover Without
    T-shirt On <3

  2. PinkDisney94 says

    I never even heard the original yet, but now I don’t want to! This is
    already perfect in my ears & another version isn’t needed, haha. Amazing
    cover! <33 This sounds so good!

  3. Noah Schoch says

    I really think you will make it as a singer. Keep doing what you love. You
    inspired me to do a cover too. You are my inspiration. +Craig Yopp

  4. Lina Usman says

    I do music video, tutorial, DIY,song cover and short drama.Subscribe if you
    are interested. It could mean the world if I get some love from you :) 

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