1. 123MANGOD says

    All of the haters, all of the Female rappers who diss Nicki need to watch
    this and want this….lyrics and dissing doesn’t prepare you for this
    work….The game is always changing…we don’t but records anymore…so
    what else can you do?

  2. ericka mendez says

    fgnhgjhftghsfd JUSTIN ♥ asbcda♥sajd♥sad♥fasfd♥jnmkfggc♥ jnkgbsjdf♥mg,s.g

  3. ThisisKalaTV says

    S/o to +grizzleemusic for his Amazing documentary skills –> (I love each &
    every single one) – :°) –> & +Nicki Minaj for being real, humble, &
    gracious. I love whenever Artists (such as Beyonce, Trey Songz, Miley
    Cyrus, Lil Wanye, Madonna, Jermaine Dupri, & Nicki) give their fans a sneak
    peek into their life behind-the-scenes : On and Off camera. 

  4. Khory Tacuyan says

    It’s so nice to see that artists who collaborated with each other are not
    only business partners, but friends as well!

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